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Dutch Song Database

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CockTeirlinck KK1902

Cock, A. de
Teirlinck, Is.
title:                             Kinderspel & kinderlust in Zuid-Nederland. Met schema's en teekeningen van Herman Teirlinck. Eerste [-achtste] deel.
year: 1902-1908
music: with musical notation
number of songs: 544
563 entered in the Dutch Song Database, of which 287 with musical notation
there are more entries in the Dutch Songs Database than there are songs in this source. There are multiple possible causes for this: doubtfull songs were entered after all, a text in different languages was entered per language, songs sung within a song were entered seperately, the song count concerned only Dutch songs, etc.
type: print. liedboek.
copy/repro. Meertens:
3970 6 c13 Cock
NVA 20405-20703; 26144-26212 [=NVA-afschriften]

songs in this source (563)