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Dutch Song Database

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Laan, K. ter (redactie)
Haan, Tj.W.R. de (redactie)
title:                             Neerlands Volksleven. Tijdschrift van het Nederlands Genootschap voor Volkskunde
year: 1951-...
music: with musical notation
number of songs: 141
137 entered in the Dutch Song Database, of which 45 with musical notation
not all songs were entered in the Dutch Song Database. There are multiple causes for this: not all information was available, doubtfull songs or songs in different languages weren't entered, only instrumental items that have a relation to Dutch songs were entered, etc.
type: print. tijdschrift.
copy/repro. Meertens:
Tss: N 100
NVA 25818-25829; 25832-25876; 26214; 29324-29326 [=afschriften]

songs in this source (137)