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Dutch Song Database

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title:                             Album amicorum van Johanna Bentinck
year: 1583-1587
Gelderland (Middachten)
material: Papier 87 leaves height 151 x width 204 mm
music: without musical notation
number of songs: 25
27 entered in the Dutch Song Database
there are more entries in the Dutch Songs Database than there are songs in this source. There are multiple possible causes for this: doubtfull songs were entered after all, a text in different languages was entered per language, songs sung within a song were entered seperately, the song count concerned only Dutch songs, etc.
type: manuscript. liedboek. Vrouwenalbum. Inscripties, liederen, illustraties. Nederlands en Frans
literature: De Bruin & Oosterman 2001, H103 / Delen 1984, 224-229 / Delen 1990, 134-135
copy used: Den Haag, Hoge Raad van Adel, Coll. Van Spaen, nr. 87b
copy/repro. Meertens:
3978 14 HsDHHRA Sp87b (fotokopie)
3978 FK HsDHHRA Sp87b (fotokopie)
comment: Oorspronkelijke gestempelde band. Op voorzijde: 'I[ohanna] B[entinck] T.V.S. / E.V.A.D.H.H.L.S.', op achterzijde: 'ANNO LXXXIII'.

songs in this source (27)