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title:                             Bruylofts-Vreucht, gepleeght op de Huwelijcks t'samen-knopingh, vanden lof-torssende JONGHMAN, JOHANNIS DIERTEN, met den in bloos-van-schaemt-uytmuntende MAAGHT. I. ADRIANA KESSELS. In den Echt onverbrelijck gestrengelt, op den 2 Augusti Anno 1648.
address: Tot ALCKMAAR, Ghedruckt by Symon Cornelisz. 1648
year: 1648
Alkmaar: Cornelisz., Symon (uitgave)
music: without musical notation
number of songs: 1
2 entered in the Dutch Song Database
there are more entries in the Dutch Songs Database than there are songs in this source. There are multiple possible causes for this: doubtfull songs were entered after all, a text in different languages was entered per language, songs sung within a song were entered seperately, the song count concerned only Dutch songs, etc.
type: print. toneelstuk.
available: scan (gateway.proquest.com)
copies (1):
Den Haag KB: 853 A 181

songs in this source (2)