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Halma DH1707

Halma, François (berijmer)
title:                             DAVIDS HARPZANGEN Of de CL PSALMEN [...]
address: T'AMSTERDAM, By FRANÇOIS HALMA , 1707, met priviliegie
year: 1707
Amsterdam: Halma, F. (druk)
collation: 12mo *-2*12 3*2 A12(-A1,2+`? LO`A2) B-2B12 2C2
music: with musical notation
number of songs: 163
163 entered in the Dutch Song Database, of which 163 with musical notation
type: print. liedboek.
Scheurleer: 1534 (p. 94-1)
copy used: Utrecht UB: 131 Q 22
available: scan (objects.library.uu.nl)
scan (books.google.nl)
scan (books.google.nl)
available: full text (DBNL.org)
copies (11):
Alkmaar RA: 41 A 19
Amsterdam UB: OK 65-830 (incompleet)
Amsterdam UB: OK 84-5
Amsterdam UB: Toonkunst 208-H-26
Den Haag KB: 488 J 30
Gent UB: BIB.BL.007298
Haarlem NHA Oude Boekerij: 88 C 21
Leiden UB: 1196 F 12
Leiden UB: 503 G 11
Londen BL: A.511.bb
Utrecht UB: 131 Q 22

songs in this source (163)