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title:                             Thirsis Minnewit. Bestaande in een versameling van de aangemaaste Minne-Zangen En Voysen.
address: Tot AMSTERDAM, By WILLEM van HEKEREN, Boekverkoper in de Oude Lelystraat, 1708
year: 1708
Amsterdam: Hekeren, Willem van (druk)
music: without musical notation
number of songs: 88
89 entered in the Dutch Song Database
there are more entries in the Dutch Songs Database than there are songs in this source. There are multiple possible causes for this: doubtfull songs were entered after all, a text in different languages was entered per language, songs sung within a song were entered seperately, the song count concerned only Dutch songs, etc.
type: print. liedboek.
literature: Kuijpers 2007
copy used: Amsterdam UB: UBM: Muz. 122
available: scan (books.google.nl)
available: full text (DBNL.org)
download pdf (DBNL.org)
copies (1):
Amsterdam UB: Muz. 122 [-1]
comment: Vroegst bekende druk van deel 1 van het vaak herdrukte Thirsis Minnewit.

songs in this source (89)

12 drukken:

ThMinnewit(1)1708Thirsis Minnewit. Bestaande [...]Amsterdam / Hekeren, [...] / 170888DBNL.org books.google.nl
ThMinnewit(1)1712aTHIRSIS MINNEWIT. Bestaande [...]Amsterdam / Heekeren, [...] / 171288 books.google.nl
ThMinnewit(1)1719THIRSIS MINNEWIT Bestaande in [...]Amsterdam / Konijnenb [...] / [1719 ca.?]88 books.google.nl
ThMinnewit(1)1720Thirsis Minnewit. Bestaande [...] [Putte, I.v.?] / [1720 ca.?]88
ThMinnewit(1)1721THIRSIS MINNEWIT. Bestaande [...]Amsterdam / Heekeren, [...] / 1721
ThMinnewit(1)1722THIRSIS MINNEWIT Bestaande in [...]Rotterdam / Vries, [...] / [1722 ca.]88 books.google.nl
ThMinnewit(1)1727THIRSIS MINNEWIT, Bestaande [...]Dordrecht / Walpot, Hendrik / [1727-1759]88 books.google.nl
ThMinnewit(1)1735Thirsis Minnewit. Bestaande [...]Amsterdam / Groot, [...] / 173589 books.google.nl
ThMinnewit(1)1745Thirsis Minnewit. Bestaande [...]Deventer / Vries, [...] / [1745 ca.]88
ThMinnewit(1)1750Thirsis MinnewitAmsterdam] / Cornelis, A.] / [1750 ca.]89
ThMinnewit(1)1750bTHIRSIS MINNEWIT. Bestaande [...]Amsterdam / Kannewet, [...] / [1750 ca.?] books.google.nl
ThMinnewit(1)1752Thirsis Minnewit. Bestaande [...]Amsterdam / Kannewet, [...] / 175288 objects.library.uu.nl
NB bij de inventarisatie van bronnen tot 1600 is volledigheid nagestreefd, bij jongere bronnen niet.