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Bredero GrLb1644

Bredero, G.A.
title:                             Boertigh, amoreus en aendachtig liedt-boeck
year: 1644
Haarlem: Fonteyn, T. (druk)
Amsterdam: Hartgers, J. (uitgave)
music: without musical notation
number of songs: 77
0 entered in the Dutch Song Database
not all songs were entered in the Dutch Song Database. There are multiple causes for this: not all information was available, doubtfull songs or songs in different languages weren't entered, only instrumental items that have a relation to Dutch songs were entered, etc.
type: print. liedboek.
literature: Schl, p142 / Stuiveling 1983
Scheurleer: 2284 (p. 142-2)
available: scan (books.google.nl)
scan (books.google.nl)
scan (gateway.proquest.com)
copies (11):
Amsterdam UB: O 60-3292 (12) (olim 2451 H 11:12)
Amsterdam UB: O 61-6231 (12) (olim 1307 E 26:12)
Amsterdam UB: O 62-215 (12) (olim 549 G 7:12)
Amsterdam UB: O 63-7295 (12)
Amsterdam VUB: XH.00162
Amsterdam VUB: XH.05938:12
Den Haag KB: 839 D 7:12
Londen BL: 11755.aa.4:12
Londen BL: 11755.e.29:12
Nijmegen UB: OD 39 c 199 nr.12
Utrecht UB: LB-NED:L*XVIIBRE-b-13:12 rar
comment: Opgave aantal liederen gebaseerd op Stuiveling 1983


3 drukken:

Bredero GrLb1622(1975)Boertigh, Amoureus en [...]Amsterdam / Plasse, [...] / 1622(1975)181DBNL.org books.google.nl
Bredero GrLb1644Boertigh, amoreus en [...]Haarlem / Fonteyn, T. / 164477 books.google.nl
Bredero GrLb1677BOERTIGH, Amoureus, en [...]Amsterdam / Hoorn, [...] / 167778 books.google.nl
NB bij de inventarisatie van bronnen tot 1600 is volledigheid nagestreefd, bij jongere bronnen niet.