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Dutch Song Database

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Dutch Songs on Line

In May 2009, a follow-up project for The Dutch Song Database started, entitled Dutch songs on Line. This project in funded by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The work done by the Dutch Song Database and the Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren (DBNL, Digital Library for Dutch Literature) will be combined and significantly expanded into a comprehensive new database by adding a new, large data set with full transcriptions of lyrics, links to scans of the sources and contextual information. In this way, a large, fully searchable, and easily accessible database concerning Dutch song will be developed. The search possibilities of the new database will enable researchers to reconstruct networks of melodies and lyrics within the corpus.


September 2009

In the first months of the project, various activities commenced: the selection of the sources, the digitalization of the sources of the Royal Library in The Hague and the Library of Utrecht University, the input of lyrics, the analysis of the existing data sets in the Dutch Song Database and the DBNL, and the design of the new database. The input of the texts starts with a selection containing the 100 most popular printed sources up to 1900.
In addition to the work on the new database, some research activities started as well. A workshop at Utrecht University, called the Day of Dutch Song, is planned for May 10 2010. Furthermore, a new research application on the theme of "Dutch song and the construction and transformation of youth identities" is to be written this fall.