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title: Ons Heeren Hemelvaert
first line: Myn lippen opent Heere, / Hier in dit aersche dal all songs with this text 
text norm: Open mijn lippen Heer (8 songs)
refrain: Lof moet u altoos zijn [v8]
no. of stanzas: 9
music: with musical notation: 2-stemmig
genre: hemelvaartslied (geestelijk)
melody name:
tune indication:standard name of this melody:all songs sung to this melody
[geen wijsaanduiding]Mijn lippen open Heer muzieknoot  (19 songs)

stanza form:
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
3a 3B 3a 3B 3c 3D 3c 3D
all songs with this stanza form
(all songs)
no. of verses: 8
comment: Laatste strofe =princestrofe.
record ID: 113373


siglum:GNachtegaal1634 (1634)
title:Den Gheestelijcken NACHTEGAEL. Inhoudende Geestlijcke Lof-sangen op alle de [...]
page: 1p96 (song number 25)
copy used: Brussel KB: CL. 6624 LP
transcription number:Nederlands Volkslied-Archief 25205
available: scan of the full source (books.google.nl)
scan of the full source (books.google.nl)
scan of the full source (books.google.nl)