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title: De zwierbol
first line: รด Verbrust! / Ik heb lust all songs with this text 
text norm: O verbrust Ik heb lust (1 song)
no. of stanzas: 2
music: without musical notation
melody name:
tune indication:standard name of this melody:all songs sung to this melody
De vriessche BoerDe Friese boer (19 songs)

stanza form:
  +        +  +               .=+.=+.=+ =+   .=+.=+.=+ =+ 
2A 2A 5b 2C 2C 4C 5b 4D 5D 5D 1E 1E 1E 1E 4D 1E 1E 1E 1D 4D
all songs with this stanza form
(all songs)
no. of verses: 9
record ID: 119727


siglum:HernhNachtegaaltje(2)1764 (1764)
title:Het Hernhutsche Nachtegaaltje, In Eene Vrolyke Luim; Zingende weder honderd nieuwe [...]
page: p27 (song number 16)
copy used: Amsterdam MI: 3978 Gesloten Kast: B 67
available: scan of the full source (books.google.nl)
scan of the full source (books.google.nl)