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title: Notabile carmen sponse ad sponsum
first line: Hed ich die vlogele van seraphyn / ic wolde so hoe vliegen all songs with this text 
text norm: Had ik de vleugels van Serafijn Ik wilde zo hoog vliegen (4 songs)
refrain: O o o o / des oversten vaders mynne [v5-8]
no. of stanzas: 14
music: without musical notation
full text: full text    
genre: dialooglied / mystiek lied / bruiloftslied (geestelijk)
keyword: Christus bruidegom <-> Serafijn
melody name:
tune indication:standard name of this melody:all songs sung to this melody
Puer nobis nasciturPuer nobis nascitur (88 songs & extra informatie)

stanza form:
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
4A 3b 4C 3b 4D 3e 4F 3e 
(Strofe onreg.)
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(all songs)
no. of verses: 8
comment: Na de 'versus', die elders de laatste strofe is, staat 'Iste ultimus versus semper repetitur post quemlibet predictorum'.
record ID: 25513


siglum:HsKeuHA GBoct40 (1437)
page: f165v (song number 1)
copy used: Keulen, Historisches Archiv der Stadt, GB 8o 40