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Krul, J.
first line: Iets moet ick u Boompjes vraghe all songs with this text 
text norm: Iets moet ik u boompjes vragen Mits dat gij ziet alle dagen (3 songs)
music: without musical notation
melody name:
tune indication:standard name of this melody:all songs sung to this melody
Yets moet ick u LAURA vraghenIets moet ik u Laura vragen (139 songs)

stanza form:
4a 4a 4B 4c 4c 4B
all songs with this stanza form
(all songs)
no. of verses: 6
record ID: 8450


siglum:Krul MS1634 (1634)
title:Minnelycke Sangh-Rympies Vermenght met eenighe SONNETTEN ende and're GHEDICHIES
page: p36 (song number 16)
copy used: ex. uit priv├ębezit
available: scan of the full source (books.google.nl)
scan of the full source (books.google.nl)
scan of the full source (books.google.nl)