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De Geusen, de Geusen
En die boose Fransen, boose Fransen,
3b+ 2b
Sy quamen met veel Schepen aen
Om in Calloy te dansen.
Hebbense dat ghedaen, doense, doense,
3C+ 1d+ 1d
Hebbense dat ghedaen, Geus neef comt aen

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Rhyme scheme:
Rhyme gender:

Presentation of the stanza form on one line:

.1a.1a.3b 2b.4C.3b 3C 1d 1d 3C.2C
Some lines start with an unstressed syllable (iambs), indicated by a dot,
others with a stressed one (trochees), indicated by a space.

The full presentation of the stanza form is:

.=+.= /+ / . . \+ (+ ( \+. 1a 1a 3b 2b 4C 3b 3C 1d 1d 3C 2C
The + indicates two verses notated on one line.
Repetitions are indicated by = or / or \ or ( etc.