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BodecherBenningh DHM1634

Bodecher Benningh, Johan (auteur)
title:                             DIDO oft' Heylloose minnetocht. TREURSPEL
address: TOT LEYDEN, By Jacobus Beecke, Boeckvercooper, woonende op de Breede straet, int jaer M.D.C. XXXIV.
colophon: Gedruckt tot Leyden, By Jan Claesz. van Dorp, op Marendorp in de vergulde Son, Anno 1634.
year: 1634
Leiden: Beecke, Iacobus (uitgave)
collation: 4to *4 A-F4
music: without musical notation
number of songs: 4
4 entered in the Dutch Song Database
type: print. toneelstuk.
literature: Meeus 1983, nr.28
STCN/STCV: this title in STCN of STCV (picarta.pica.nl)
copy used: Amsterdam UB: 690 F 19
available: scan (search.proquest.com)
scan (books.google.nl)
scan (books.google.nl)
copies (5):
Amsterdam UB: O 62-5514 (olim 690 F 19)
Den Haag KB: 448 J 187
Leiden UB: 1089 B 3
Londen BL: 11754.bbb.7
Utrecht UB: Z oct.5142
copy/repro. Meertens:
3978 FK THE Bodecher Benningh (fotokopie)

songs in this source (4)