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title:                             Venus Minne-gifjens
address: TOT AMSTERDAM By Cornelis Willemsz. Blau-Laeckeen, Boeck-vercooper, woonende in S. Jansstraet, in 't vergulde A, B, C.
year: [1622]
dating: Schl.
Amsterdam: Blau-Laecken, Cornelis Willemsz (uitgave)
collation: 4to oblong A-N4
music: without musical notation
number of songs: 89
89 entered in the Dutch Song Database
type: print. liedboek.
Scheurleer: 2370 (p. 148-2)
STCN/STCV: this title in STCN of STCV (picarta.pica.nl)
copy used: Leiden UB: 1198 F 8
available: scan (books.google.nl)
scan (books.google.nl)
available: full text (DBNL.org)
download pdf (DBNL.org)
copies (3):
Gent UB: BIB.BL.008152
Leiden UB: 1198 F 8
Wolfenb├╝ttel HAB: A: 490.2 Hist.
copy/repro. Meertens:
3978 14 V Minneg (fotokopie)
3978 MFilm 17e V Minneg (2x)
comment: Ill. Bijdragen van o.a. Roosendaal, W.D. Hooft en Bredero.

songs in this source (89)