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Revius OYS1634

Revius, Jacob (auteur)
title:                             Over-ysselsche SANGEN EN DICHTEN
address: TOT LEYDEN, Voor Francoys de Heger Boeckvercoper, woonende over de Academie. Anno MDCXXXIV.
year: 1634
Leiden: Heger, Francois (uitgave)
print: 2 vm.
music: without musical notation
number of songs: 61
2 entered in the Dutch Song Database. 61 songs are included in an earlier/other edition of this source
there are more entries in the Dutch Songs Database than there are songs in this source. There are multiple possible causes for this: doubtfull songs were entered after all, a text in different languages was entered per language, songs sung within a song were entered seperately, the song count concerned only Dutch songs, etc.
type: print. liedboek.
literature: Schl, p.155
Scheurleer: 2455 (p. 155-2)
STCN/STCV: this title in STCN of STCV (data.cerl.org)
copy used: Gent UB: BL 8112
available: scan (books.google.nl)
scan (books.google.nl)
scan (books.google.nl)
copies (5):
Amsterdam UB: 459 F 11
Den Haag KB: 764 D 36
Gent UB: BL 8112
Haarlem NHA Oude Boekerij: 76 D 30
Leiden UB: 1175 C 24

songs in this source (2)

3 drukken:

Revius OYS1630OVER-YSSELSCHE SANGEN EN [...]Deventer / Wermbouts [...] / 163061 www.athenaeumbibliotheek.nl
Revius OYS1634Over-ysselsche SANGEN EN DICHTEN Leiden / Heger, Francois / 163461 books.google.nl
Smit 1930-1935W.A.P. Smit (ed), [...]Amsterdam / 1930-1935DBNL.org
NB bij de inventarisatie van bronnen tot 1600 is volledigheid nagestreefd, bij jongere bronnen niet.