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Dutch Song Database

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Texts and melodies: in the Dutch Song Database only texts and melodies are included which are free of copyright. (However there are references to songs still protected by copyright, but in these cases the texts and melodies are not shown). If you still find a full text or melody protected by copyright, please tell us so that we can remove it.

Performances: the recordings of the Onder de groen linde (Under the Green Linden) project were made with the clear intention to broadcast them on the radio, mentioning the names of the singers. They were aware of that and they appreciated very much that they were mentioned. No fees were ever paid for these recordings and broadcasts.

Privacy: nearly all of the singers of Under the Green Linden have died by now, judging by random checks made in 2001 and 2007. It appeared to be practically impossible to trace all the singers or their relatives. The legal protection of privacy data elapses after the person in question has died. When asked during the checks none of the relatives objected to publishing recordings on the internet. In case a singer or relative still objects to publication of data, please let us know.

Copyright: the metadata of the Dutch Song Database falls under the copyright of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. Several projects contributing to the Database were sponsored by external funds. Their names can be found under collections.